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All forms in PDF-format AGENS® AMW Standard AGENS® Heat Exchanger for viscous media AGENS® Mixing- and Reaction Technology   AGENS® Questionaire for Static Mixer AGENS® Questionaire ...

Cooling of viscous fluids

Cooling of viscous fluids Heat Exchanger AGENS® AMHE - R Inside of AGENS® AMHE - R the product flow is fed around the tube bundles. The bundles are constructed of meandering, crossing tubes. ...

Heating of viscous fluids

... static mixer types AGENS® AMX, AMHE - W or AMHE - R realize a flow current with an even temperature profile and a short residence time spectrum due to the application of enforced radial convection. This ...


Laminar Flow Static Mixer with element type AGENS® AMX  The AGENS AMX Mixer consists of a structure of crossing webs. The mixing action results from continuous division and repeated recombination ...


Turbulent flow Static Mixer with mixing elements - Type AGENS® AMW The static Mixer AGENS® AMW generates rotation vortices in the individual coils, which produce homogeneity. It is suitable ...

AGENS AMV (Dispersing)

Turbulent flow  Static Mixer with elements - Type AGENS® AMV Dispersing of low viscous liquids/ gases The AGENS® AMV Mixer bonds insoluble fluids to each other in a continous current. The ...

AGENS AMV (Soluble Fluids)

Turbulent flow Static Mixer of - Type AGENS® AMV Blending of Gases and/ or low viscous liquids. In an AGENS® AMV Mixer, the incoming flow currents are additionally divided into individual ...

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