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Heating of viscous fluids

Heating of viscous fluids at laminar flow

The heating of viscous media with a laminary flow is fundamentally supported by the use of static mixer technology. Viscose media form a laminary flow profile in the empty tube. This produces an almost permanent build-up on the inner side of the tube, significantly impeding heat transfer.


The diagrams illustrate this process. The use of static mixer types AGENS® AMX, AMHE - W or AMHE - R realize a flow current with an even temperature profile and a short residence time spectrum due to the application of enforced radial convection. This additional mixing effect improves heat transfer by a factor of 4 - 10.


Tube bundle – mixer heat exchanger with detachable AGENS® AMW mixing elements for heating a polymer solution.
Designed with heatable low volume heads. Nominal width DN 500, PN 80. material 1.4571/ high-carbon steel, length: 2400 mm. 

Advantages of the AGENS® AMHE - W Mixer - Heat exchanger

• Compact design of apparatus due to improved heat transfer (factor 4 - 10)

• Due to the compact design, short residence time in the apparatus, thus optimal product quality

• Permanent equalization of inhomogeneities (temperature), optimal product quality

Properties of the AGENS® AMW Mixer

• Low-shearing flow due to sharp-edge design

• High mechanical stability for problem-free removal after operation

• High-precision manufacturing (+/- 0.05 mm in relation to element dia.), thus no formation of dead zones

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