amv dispergieren

AGENS AMV (Dispersing)

Turbulent flow 

Static Mixer with elements - Type AGENS® AMV

Dispersing of low viscous liquids/ gases

The AGENS® AMV Mixer bonds insoluble fluids to each other in a continous current. The disperse phase leaves the mixer as a droplet or bubble cluster. The smaller the generated droplets or bubbles, the larger the interphase boundary. The hydraulic diameter of the built-in components thus has high significance.


Advantages of the AGENS® AMV structure 

• The hydraulic diameter can be precisely adjusted by determining
  the number of layers (see image below).

• The bubble or droplet diameter can be calculated

• Mass transfer can be calculated

• Reliable scale-up from pilot plant station to operating dimensions

The AGENS AMV geometry can be realized in a wide variety of
reactor types. The type spectrum ranges from small static mixers
DN 25 to
large pipe reactors.

The following example illustrates a slow-moving 2-phase reaction
in a 140 m long pipe reactor. The dimensioning of this reactor is
based on pilot plant tests

Additional Typical Applications

• Hydrocarbon neutalization

• Phosgenation of bisphenol

• Chlorination

• Hydrogenation

• Air, CO2, O2 or ozon in drinking water



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