Laminar Flow

Static Mixer with element type AGENS® AMX 


The AGENS AMX Mixer consists of a structure of crossing webs. The mixing action results from continuous division and repeated recombination of the individual layers. Each mixer element is installed at a 90° offset, in order to generate mixing action over the entire pipe diameter. Its high mixing efficiency allows the device to process the smallest mixture volumes.

Advantages of the AGENS® AMX


• The AGENS AMX with 8 bars is the most efficient geometry for the mixing ..of high- and low viscoos media

• Short residence time spectrum for precise shear entry, thus exceptionally ..suitable for tubular reactors

• Reliable scale-up from pilot plant station to operating dimensions

Static Mixer with element type AGENS® AMX-4


A special construction form constitutes the AGENS® AMX-4. It consist out of 4 crossing webs which has been welded with an angle of 120° to each other. The AGENS® AMX-4 will be used:

• if a temperature controlled reaction leading is required

• an unit residence time is required

• the pressure drop over a static mixer is limited