Static mixing- and reaction technology

We the experts for Static Mixing- and Reaction Technology offer you complete and individual solutions for the following products:

• Static mixer

• Hear exchanger for poly
• Siliconcooler

• Static mixer for extrusion

• Gasmixer

• Static mixers for
sulfuric acid
• Disperser
• Pipereactors

• X Mixer

• Plasticmixer

• Laminar flow

• Turbulent flow

We are specialized in Consulting, Design, Delivery and Erection of Static mixers, Hear exchanger for polymer, Hear exchanger for polymer;
Siliconcooler, Static mixer for extrusion, Gasmixer, Static mixers for sulfuric acid, Disperser, Pipereactors, X Mixer. Further more we deliver
Plasticmixer for Laminar flow and Turbulent flow.

We also produce heat exchangers for heating of viscous liquids and heat exchangers for cooling of viscous liquids.
Our heat exchangers are used in the chemical industry. We also sell heat exchangers for the oil industy.

A dissolver of sheet extrusion and sheet extrusion line is used for silicon extrusion.




Thank you for visiting AGENS. We are proud to serve you as a global supplier of customized static mixing and reaction technology. Our product range includes static mixers in the millimeter range for turbulent multi-phase flows, heat exchangers for highly viscose media and large tubular reactors for industrial applications.


We are the problem solvers in our industry, with over 1,100 delivered individual systems to the largest companies in the world.
Put us to the test. Give us a call! 



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Static Mixing- and Reaction Technology

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